Jesse Jagz releases 3rd album ‘Jagz Nation Vol 2: Royal Niger Company’ for free!

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Jesse Jagz Royal Niger Company Cover Art
Last year, Jesse Jagz released arguably the best Hip-Hop album in Nigeria.
Now, the eclectic rapper and producer who recently announced his third album ‘Jagz Nation Vol 2: Royal Niger Company‘ has given it up for free download on the internet.
The album was officially released on Friday, March 29, 2014 on his SoundCloud page. The LP consists of 11 songs with features from Tesh Carter, ShowDemCamp, Jumar, DUGOD, Sarah Mitaru, Rexx as well as 2pac, Chaka Khan and Fela Kuti.
The album was executive produced by Jesse Abaga himself. ‘So we decided to give out the album for free. Enjoy‘, he announced the release on Twitter.

Other than the outstanding music, another gripping feature of the album is the cover art; Jesse borrows into the album concept the original Royal Niger Company, a mercantile company chartered by the British government in the nineteenth century.
Check out the tracklist below…
Jesse Jagz Royal Niger Company Back Art
The album is also available for digital download on iTunes.

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