Manager details working with Zara before untimely death

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The ever cheerful Zara. Photo: Instagram/Zara
Working with Zara Gretti was more than just the normal artiste-manager relationship. We were passionate about the work.
She was overjoyed joy in her to finally release her EP, ‘COLORS OF MY HEART’.
Yes she was ill but all I would say is I have never seen a fighter like her before. She fought the illness to the best she could.

She was an amazing person, always happy even though the illness was eating her up.  She had a lot she wanted to give to Nigerians and all her fans over the world.
Her EP project was on its final stage before she passed on. Zara was passionate about it. She wanted to get back on stage. Each call we made to ourselves always ended with a prayer for her. She sent me all her songs and we chose which one we felt best to be on it.
I remember her Skype calls, voice notes and Google plus hangouts we had. Her birthday Google plus hangout I hosted for her with fans and friends was a touching moment as we released her first single ‘Yeah’ featuring Dokta Frabz.
We tried raising funds for her through a fund raising website I opened ( while she was still in the US.
But God knows best.
Her last word to me few days before she passed on was. ‘Ik please come get me out of here’.
Sadly I couldn’t fulfil that.
Rest in Peace Zara…
*Ikechukwu populary called IK Tripz is an artiste Manager and publicist for Soil Republik Talent Management.

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