Nollywood Is not a dumping ground for prostitutes – Nollywood star Amanda Ebeye

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photoFast-rising Nollywood actress Amanda Ebeye, in a recent interview pens up about her life, career and other interesting topics.
She said she had always wanted to act as a child and she began acting in 2008 and so far it’s been challenging.
On why she quit Clinic matters she replied:
“Let’s say it was on financial grounds. The money wasn’t great at that time. But I don’t know of now.”
On whether she slept her way to the top?
I can say that over and over again. I did not sell my body. Anybody who says I did that should come out and say it. It’s a wrong mentality that actresses sell their bodies for fame. I know so many people who didn’t do that. We still have decent actors-the industry is not a dumping ground for prostitutes.
Are there roles you won’t accept?
I can play all roles. But recently, I’ve started rejecting some kind of sexual roles because I think I’m growing older and need to start thinking of what I’m impacting on the viewers, especially the children.
But you were once quoted to have said that you can play a nude role for N7.5 billion naira?
I was asked if I could act nude and I said no. The interviewer then said: “What if you are being paid 50 million dollars?” and I said yes. But who is going to pay such money for any actress to go nude?

Nobody can do that. It’s impossible. That statement means I cannot! The truth is that Nigerians are very hypocritical. It was just a joke and lots of people took it very serious.
On why she is still single?
She said she is not ready for marriage at the moment, adding that she is not searching. “When it’s God’s time, my kind of man will surface,” she said.

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