Gist: Fans Responsible For Our Quarrel – P-Square

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The duo of Peter and Paul Okoye, in a recent interview monitored by Source, blamed fans for escalating the crises that rocked the group some months ago, which almost torn the group apart.

According to the P-Square brothers, they are human and have blood running through their veins. They said it is expected for them to have clash of interests just as other brothers and parents do.

Peter explained that though he was not under pressure when the crisis occurred, but as time went on, he started feeling the fans were challenging him on the whereabouts of his twin brother, Paul. The multiple award-winning duo confessed that though they had issues in the group, but that did not affect their music, confirming that they are still together.

Peter, despite blaming their fans for the crisis, attested that they (fans) were instrumental in uniting the group. P-Square also thanked some top influential people who advised them to bury their differences and work together again as one.

Speaking on their new album, the brothers revealed that they want to break the record set with the ‘Do Me’ video.

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