‘The Big Bang Theory’ Sneak Peek: Watch the First Group Dinner of Season 8!

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The gang’s all here — and, as always, they’ve brought Chinese food!
The season 8 premiere of The Big Bang Theory is right around the corner, (Monday, Sept. 22, to be precise) and we know that many of you have been craving a reunion with our favorite brilliant comedy.
To help satisfy your BBT appetite we’ve snagged you a first look at a fan favorite scene from Monday’s all-new episode.

Pull up a chair, grab some kung pao chicken (with brown rice, just like Sheldon prefers!) and press play on our video above for a sneak peek at the first group dinner scene of Season 8. Plus, you’ll get to see the first wacky scientifically-based group argument! The topic: Which animal would be best for creating an inter-species super soldier? And you won’t believe Sheldon’s pick!
The Big Bang Theory premieres Monday, Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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