Nigerian Army: Adequate Security Will Be Guaranteed During 2015 Election

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The Nigerian Army restated Wednesday its determination to bring the on-going counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations to a speedy and decisive end.

New strategies have been introduced in the on-going war after formations and units involved were evaluated, and have impacted positively on the counter-insurgency operations in the North East, Director of Nigerian Army Public Relations Brig. Gen. Olajide Laleye told reporters in Abuja, the Nigerian capital on Wednesday.

He said all the people involved in the operations in the region would undergo counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency training before being deployed in theater of operations.

According to him, the need to reduce collateral damage has delayed recapture of some towns and villages seized by insurgents in restive Borno state.

“If certain areas have not been recaptured, it is because the Nigerian army is giving such areas very careful plans. The plans are ongoing,” he said.

“At the right time you will see the outcome. We will not tell you, of course, beforehand, of what we intend to do, but you will see the outcome,” Laleye said, adding that Nigerians will be pleased at the end of such operations that collateral damage is reduced to the barest minimum.

He assured that law-abiding Nigerians in those areas would be rescued from the insurgents, while those towns and villages would be completely freed from terrorism and insurgency.

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