Nigerian Army sets up martial court in Lagos, Abuja and Jos

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Authorities of the Nigerian Army has announced that it has established General Court Martial in three cities to try various allegations of offences against soldiers involved in the on-going counter-terrorism ad counter-insurgency operation in the North-East. The Director of Army Public Relations, Brig.

Gen. Olajide Laleye, made this known during a press briefing on recent developments in the Army in Abuja on Wednesday. He said that the courts were in operational in Abuja, Lagos and Jos. The Army spokesman however did not disclose the number of officers and soldiers undergoing trial in the military courts established to try all cases of indiscipline in the Army.

According to Laleye, it would be difficult to know the exact number of officials undergoing trial because while some are being jailed, others are being acquitted and discharged. He further explained that the success/failure of the anti terrorism operation in the North East depends largely on adherence to military virtues such as a high level of discipline, professionalism and patriotism. He said,

“Gentlemen, the success of The Nigerian Army in the on-going counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency and indeed other operations are hinged on troops discipline, professionalism, and patriotism. “Our achievements will be difficult to sustain if the Army does not undertake decisive steps to ensure it remains a formidable fighting force through time-tested procedures, processes and the enforcement of its regulations and laws in line with the constitution.

“Therefore, as of today, there are three ongoing General Court Martial sitting here in Abuja, Lagos and Jos. These General Court Martial are trying erring officers and soldiers for various offences. Some of the erring officers and soldiers have been sentenced while others have been acquitted according military jurisprudence.”

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