Brownstone Singer Death by Wine Glass Was Freaky But No Signs of a Crime

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R&B singer Charmayne Maxwell‘s death in her home appears to be an almost one in a million accident, and nothing sinister … Ogbeni Ajao has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us detectives combed the scene where the ex-Brownstone singer fell on Friday evening — and say all evidence points to her falling backward at the doorway between the house and the back patio … while holding a wine glass.
We’re told during the fall … the wine glass shattered on the ground behind Maxwell’s head, and when she landed shards of glass punctured the back of her neck in two places. We’re told there was an injury to the back of her head, and it’s possible she was knocked unconscious.
TMZ broke the story … Charmayne’s husband Carsten Soulshock came home and found her bleeding around 9 PM Friday. We’re told cops interviewed him and several other family members … and say there’s no history of domestic violence. They do not suspect foul play.
The one remaining mystery is what caused the fall — and we’re told one theory is she was intoxicated. The coroner now has her body, and will conduct an autopsy and toxicology test which could answer that question.  

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18 shares, 373 points


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