Funke Akindele, OmoniOboli, Yul Edochie and Eucharia Anumobi takes the lead in Inkblot, Dioni Visions and Film One’s “Moms At War”

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Fresh off the box office hits New Money, Wedding Party 2, and Wives on Strike 2, Inkblot, Dioni Visions and Film One announce the August release of Moms at War a dramedy starring Funke Akindele, OmoniOboli, Yul Edochie, EuchariaAnumobi and Yul Edochie

Moms at War tells the story of Olaide and Ebubechukwu two mothers who would do anything for their children. OmoniOboli stars as Ebubechukwu, a posh career woman who was born with a silver spoon and expects her only daughter to follow in her footsteps. Funke Akindele stars as Olaide, a self-made woman who built herself up from nothing to raise her son and give him the life she did not have.

With their children competing for a place in a prestigious scholars program, everything starts to derail as the mothers go head to head to ensure that their own child wins.

Moms At War soars as a slam-bang tale of friendship and motherhood which is stylish, subversive and strikingly funny. It is written by NazOnuzo known for films such as Wedding Party 2, New Money and My Wife and I and directed by OmoniOboli, the triple threat box office Queen responsible for such hits as Okafor’s Law and the Wives on Strike films.

Moses Babatope, CEO of Film One says “Having had many successful collaborations with Inkblot we were pleased to continue the partnership on Moms at War. We have worked with Dioni Visions and OmoniOboli for many years and are happy to announce our first collaboration with her. Moms at War is the perfect film for women and everyone else as it cloaks in comedy the wars our mothers wittingly and unwittingly fight for us, every day.”

Moms at War hits cinemas across Nigeria on August 17, 2018

About Inkblot Productions:

Inkblot Productions is a Lagos-based production company founded with the goal of creating high quality, commercially viable films and television shows for Nigerian and international audiences. Since inception in 2011, Inkblot has been one of the fasted growing production companies in Nigeria, releasing crowd-pleasing hits such as The Wedding Party Series, My Wife and I, New Money, The Arbitration, Out of Luck and The Department. Further information on Inkblot can be found at

About FilmOne Distribution and Production:

FilmOneDistribtion and Production Limited is the leading West African independent distributor of filmed entertainment. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, we distribute a wide range of a mainstream, commercial pictures including international and indigenous titles. Since its foray into production, the company has also become one of the leading production houses releasing crowd-pleasing hits such as The Wedding Party Series, My Wife and I, New Money, Lunch Time Heroes and the upcoming Market Must Sell. Further information on FilmOne can be found at

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