Popular Blogger Linda Ikeji sacks staff accused of raping teenager

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Linda Ikeji, popular Nigerian blogger, has sacked Theo Ukpaa, the man who is alleged to have raped Emilia Samuel when the latter was 16 years old.

Ms Ikeji, who made the announcement on her blog on Wednesday night, said: “I personally wanted to let everyone know that Theo Ukpaa, who was Head of Programmes at Linda Ikeji TV, is no longer a staff of the company.

“His job with my company was terminated on Monday, August 27th, just a day after I read the heart-breaking story of Emilia Samuel.

“The general public is therefore advised not to transact any business with him in the name of Linda Ikeji TV, as anyone who does it, does so at his/her own risk.”

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19 shares, 366 points


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