6 Tips To Help You Overcome Laziness

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So many times, we try so hard to get off laziness, and procrastination is one major factor that keeps us more relaxed in our comfort zone. So, If you’ve been feeling a bit lazy lately and haven’t really wanted to get up and do the things you know you should do, here are a few tips that might help you to get motivated and feel energized again.


Workout! Whenever you feel lazy or feel your energy levels dropping get your body moving! Motion creates emotion and you want to be proactive and beat laziness before it gets hold of you and throws you on the couch and holds you hostage makes you eat that bag of corn chips. So get moving, put your running shoes on and walk or hit the gym or do some star jumps!


I always find whenever I get lazy it’s time to put on some tunes that get me pumped up and just start writing. Get into the habit of writing when you start feeling lazy, get your goals down, get your ideas down, watch a video and just take mindless notes. Writing is a great way to release stress and focus your mind on something bigger and more exciting and usually that snaps me out of being lazy in 20 minutes or so!


Go out and do something! It’s so easy to be lazy at home, as you know! So go outside and see something, walk somewhere, meet a friend for a coffee or go to your favourite stores and just get inspired and focus your mind on what’s possible. Put yourself in an environment that inspires you and limits your opportunities to feel lazy & uninspired.


One of the best things you can do when you are feeling lazy is to just clean up and tidy up around you. Nothing changes your state like a fresh and clean environment and nothing makes your subconscious brain come alive more than seeing a before and after snap shot of something you’ve personally just done!


This is one of my favourite things to do when I really get stuck and that’s to go out and volunteer and help someone out. Shifting your focus onto someone else’s challenges and being able to help someone always snaps you out of your funk!


Finally, grab your note pad and pen and hop online and start planning your next adventure or big purchase. You always have to have something to look forward to in life and that’s an easy way to start feeling excited & motivated to get up off your butt!

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