Fans Calls Out Poco Lee After He Posted This On His Whatsapp Status [SEE PHOTOS]

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Pascal Odinaka Popularly known as Poco Lee,A final year student of Lagos State University trends on the path of destruction as he alongside with his allies cast runs girls on campus which had negative effects on the casted ladies who happened to be the victim of the circumference.

On Sunday 21st July 2019,the zanku dancer called out to one of his fellow lasuite called Cash Pay by having a friendly WhatsApp quarell on their WhatsApp status which ended on a very friendly and light mood by people challenging Cash Pay to feed 100 lasuites at the famous Canteen in lasu named iya Dayo.

On Monday 22nd July 2019 ,Poco Lee at around 10om uploaded on his WhatsApp status thus :

” Tell me the name of that babe wey be PA to all the yahoo boys on campus,her department, her level ,her catchy way and the place she always have it done”.

This WhatsApp status of his stirred up a lot of guys to start mentioning the names of the ladies, giving out their full details and also some sent out the ladies pictures.

This drastic step had a lot of Negative effect on Lasuites and others. A viewer of the WhatsApp incident who happens to be a member of the LASUPR’s and Influencers said in his message that LASU PRs AND INFLUENCERS!!!!

Whatever is happening in your campus isnt proper and you guys should caution those individuals casting those girls. P that made you smile at some point when you were broke or when you were horny , now you don get small change , you Dey cast Life doesn’t go that way, if it continues like this, we never can know the feeble minded ones among those ladies and might decide to kill themeselves or do something bad to themselves out of shame , society stigmatization etc And for those casting your fellow people, it would come back to you, you just want to be recognized so they would feel you that you know things popping around .

.it isn’t right If you guys can’t stop this shit, i wonder what you are influencing in the campus It’s so sad that What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas anymore , it has now reached ikorodu sef And to the girls, lol take it , it has happened ,

I can’t judge you but change your ways for the better STOP SLUT SHAMING THE CONSEQUENCES MIGHT BE WORST ON THE VICTIMS

The disastrous step of the Zanku Dancer wasn’t found funny and wasn’t welcomed by the public at large which has and is still costing him to lose his image in the public galore. Read people’s comments below

http://WhatsApp%20chat in this chat,It was indicated that poco Lee step might lead to someone taking up her life.
The end can’t be predicted http://WhatsApp

Poco Lee has been Getting negative comments from students of lasu after he came up with a trend on his whatsapp status recently, POCO Lee recently posted the names of runs girls on his whatsapp status in lasu and students didn’t find that funny, What if those girls she mentioned on his status start thinking of suicide???

WhatsApp chat between yettydlaw and one of the guys http://WhatsApp

The step taken by poco Lee and his allies wasn’t welcomed by the people as the ladies are up to fight back and support one another.

Poco Trend took a disastrous step which might cost him alot if adequate care isn’t taken and no apology rendered by him can correct the mistake and dent he made on the ladies already. Bluejamz can’t upload the victims pictures and details for safety purposes .

sends out showers of love to the victims.

Message to the ladies out there: Before you lay down your back for any guy,Know the type of people you are laying your back for and also be watchful of your steps. Engage in lucrative works,your palm would never deceive you

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