9 Things Found Frozen In Ice

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9 Things Found Frozen In Ice

Frozen Puppy

9 Things Found Frozen In Ice

This puppy lived Around 12000 Years ago but doesn’t look like any of the currently existing species. This Canine species was in perfectly good condition, so much so that it could be cloned to resurrect the animal.

Scientist believes it was a young dog and might have belonged to an early human family.

Yukagir Bison

9 Things Found Frozen In Ice

Discovered by a Siberian tribe in the lowlands of yana, in 2011, this animal was completely intact in ice. It was in such a good condition that experts were able to perform a proper autopsy on it and also its brain was intact.

This Bison is a direct relative of the Bison that exists today.

Frozen Fish Wall

9 Things Found Frozen In Ice
9 Things Found Frozen In Ice

A wall of a variety of frozen fish was discovered in South Dakota.

The amazing part of this discovery is that when the ice formed over the surface of lake Andes, it prevented the sunlight to reach the Algae because of which oxygen wasn’t produced.

The fish died and floated to the surface and cold temperature froze the water, creating this fish ice wall.

Vikings Sword

9 Things Found Frozen In Ice

An enormous sword was found intact in the ice, 5000ft above the sea level. it was discovered by Einar Umbach, in the South of Norway.

When looked by expects, it was confirmed it belonged to a viking warrior and is around 1,100 years old. The sword was preserved very well, thanks to the Altitude of the place.


This white plane had crashed near the Mcmurdo Station in New Zealand in october 1970.

The force of the crash was so severe that it ripped the landing gear and destroyed the exterior base panel of the plane and surprisingly, the crew was barely harmed.

This plane was buried halfway into the ice and was left there as it was beyond use.

An Elasmosaurus

A fossil of a Gigantic sea Creature was also discovered in Antarctica.

It is speculated that when alive this creature would have weighed around 15 tons and measure around 40 feet’s in length. This discovery was that of a complete fossil and it is believed to be the largest sea Dinosaur ever.

Despite it size, its diet was primarily mollusks and crustaceans.

Woolly Mammoth

In Novosibirsk Island in Siberia Russia, a complete female mammoth was found encased in ice.

The body was preserved with flesh, bones, and fur which was completely fresh. The trunk of this mammoth was found a few feet away from the body, which suggests it might have died in an unnatural attack.

Water Under Ice

In 2018, a Ph.D. student, Anja Rue De Hauser conducted a project to analyze the bedrock below Nunavut Devon Island.

He spotted an unusual radar reflection coming from the ice caps which suggested the existence of liquid water. But liquid water can’t exist under the ice on Devon Island as it is a quarter-mile thick and the temperature is around -13c.

It could be possible as the water is too salty ad run away deep.

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